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Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Coverage - 
Owner(s)’ Responsibilities:
Owners Must Maintain Liability Insurance Coverage Motor vehicle owners and lessees in this state are required to maintain  continuous  mandatory liability insurance coverage on their vehicle(s) to:1) Legally drive the vehicle(s); 2) Register and obtain Georgia license plates (tags); and, 3) Renew, replace, or transfer their existing Georgia license plates (tags).
​ Non-motorized vehicles, i.e. trailers, campers, etc., and vehicles exempt from registration in this state, i.e. snowmobiles, bicycles, mopeds, all-terrain vehicles, golf carts, etc., do  not  require insurance coverage. 

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How can I obtain a special license plate (tag) commemorating my association, group, institution or organization?
​ Any Georgia Association, Group, Institution or Organization interested in requesting the manufacture of special license plates (tags) commemorating their Association, Group, Institution or Organization should submit a ‘letter of intent’ to the Director’s Office of this Department’s Motor Vehicle Division.   Click here  to review a copy of a sample ‘letter of intent’ showing the required information. The signed letter containing all of the required information should be mailed to the following address: 
Attention: Director’s Office, Room 1114 Department of Revenue - Motor Vehicle Division PO Box 740381 Atlanta, GA 30374-0381
​ Upon receipt of the ‘letter of intent’, the Director’s Office will mail the required forms and detailed instructions. The Association, Group, Institution or Organization should not accept applications and manufacturing fees for these commemorative tags until they have been approved to do so by this Department. 

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